How insert biography, lyrics, or other long text info field into mp3tag tag panel

Hi everybody,

I'm not sure this question has been already asked here. If so I apologize.

I'd often would like to insert long text info about mp3 or mp4/mkv files such as biography, lyrics, etc.into mp3tag.
I cannot see any field for that. Did I miss something?

Many thanks in advance for any clue or advice.


The field is called UNSYNCEDLYRICS. There is no special field for biography.

Thanks for the info. However when I click OK in Edit field dialog box after having added a new field UNSYNCEDLYRICS nothing happens. I'm unable to validate. I must exit from the dialog box without confirming action. What did I miss? Many thanks in advance.

You annot add an empty field. You have to enter at least 1 character for the field to be created.

Ah, this looks like the dialogue to add a field to the tag panel.
You would have to look in the tag panel then to see an added input box with the label "Infos".

Actually it is supposed to be an Add field dialog box.
However clicking OK button has no effect. Consequently no Infos input box is created in the Tag panel.

Which version of MP3tag do you use (should be the latest)?
Could it be that you have already created an input box with UNSYNCEDLYRICS as content? There can only be one for this field in the tag panel.
If you already have that field in the tag panel, then clicking OK leaves the dialogue open and it looks like nothing happens.

My version is up to date (3.0.1).
Yes, you're correct. There is an UNSYNCEDLYRICS field in tag panel.ini file. I just changed it to MULTILINE=100. That seems to be working.
A big thanks for your help.