How should I format my music collection?

I have a large collection of music and as I am beginnig to organize all the songs I am stumped about what information I should leave in the "Filename" field!!! :flushed:

Which of the following do you think is best?

  1. Artist - Song Title
  2. Song Title
  3. Track Number (Only on the songs that have them) - Song Title

If you can, please explain why you think one of the options above is better than the other.

Mine is:

Artist\Year - Album\Tracknumber - Artist - Title

Tracknumber because of the sorting in WinExplorer and Artist/Title are the most relevant informations for me.

I use (with tracknumber padded by zeroes to two places):

Artist\Album\Tracknumber Title

For compilation (Various Artists) albums, I use:

Various Artists\Album\Tracknumber Artist - Title

I generally try to keep as much redundant information out of the filename as possible. If I'm looking at any of the files above, from the combination of directory path and filename I have all the info I need.

In my directory "Tracks" and a sub folder for every year (1957-2009, Unknown). Also a sub folder "CheckIn" where I load all in, cut the correct start + end with Wavelab, rename the files, parse the file name into the fields, update misc. tags ...


And in the URL frame I write the release id. So I know from where I got it.

If I have a file multiple times: Artist_Title_(Mix)_2.wav

If I have ripped one from vinyl: Artist_Title_(Mix)_VINYL.wav

Big problem is always a system for a correct Mix name because on every release you have another one. Main logic is like "(Club Mix by Tom Moulton)" - the mixer will be moved behind the "by".

You really save your songs in *.wav-format? You must have terabytes of data. :wink:

I like option 3 above. The way I store music, I start with a directory for each "Artist", a subdirectory for each "Album", and the "Track" and "Title" in the filename. Adding "Artist" is redundant, since I already have it in a directory, and I like to have the track number so if the Operating System sorts by filename, the songs are in album order.


No - currently 4000. mp3 quality is too bad for big sound systems. heared it again last saturday where I played with a friend with his mp3 collection for 1000 people. my wav's blowed him away :wink:

Here's my "system":

%Artist%[%year%] %Album%\%track%. %title%

if multi cd:

%Artist%[%year%] %Album%\CD1\%track%. %title%
%Artist%[%year%] %Album%\CD2\%track%. %title%

I also ran several scripts for formatting purposes (Capitalization of roman numerals, title capitalization, extra spaces, contractions, etc.)