How sorting on export works?


I've made an export configuration, but I can't understand how to sort my music collection in right order. I tried many different combinations of numbers, but they changed not the right thing.

Do these numbers depend on what columns I have in my configuration or they are taken from the tags?

I need to sort my music by Artist -> Album -> Track number. The columns are the first, the second and the third in my configuration. What sort order I need to receive the right file after exporting?


Have you already read the help topic about sorting exported data?

SORT=3 2 5should do the trick.

~ Florian


It's funny, that I haven't seen that the format I used was an old export format. I haven't seen the link, 'cause I thought it was all the info about exporting. It's was an easy problem, but it took some hours to be solved. Maybe I'm not very intelligent or maybe help system is not the best one. There was nothnig to tell me that on this old format page I can find some info about sorting. How should I know?

Thanks a lot


It's okay - that's why we have this nice forum here :slight_smile:

Best regards,
~ Florian


Yeah, but I feel like I'm stupid. It took me less time to understand how to work with Photoshop. And now I'm bugging people on this forum asking the most stupid questions in the world. It will be better if the help system is more helpful and easier to navigate for the first-time users


Do you have any specific improvement suggestions for the help file?

~ Florian


I will think about it. I will write you next week if I have the idea of what to do to make it more simplistic than it is now. It looks like a lot of users are asking you a lot of easy questions that are answered somewhere in the help file