How the Hell......

I am re-ripping a selection of albums to flac for posterity.
While I am doing this I decided to transcode flac to mp3 using latest encoder and matters were progressing nicely with both file types tagged in the same fashion.

Problem is, for some reason (I have no idea what reason), mp3 files remain tagged as I want but the flac ones have changed significantly.....

By way of example:
Bob Dylan in mp3 has become BobDylan in flac
Shadows In The Night in mp3 has become ShadowsInTheNight in flac
I'm a Fool to Want You in mp3 has become I'maFooltoWantYou
Clearly, the spaces in the flac tag have been deleted

I am reasonably certain that this is no fault of MP3Tag and purely down to THIS half wit but I do need to sort it out and please remember that the MP3 tags are fine.


If you still have both, mp3s and flacs, then you can copy the tags from the mp3s to the flacs provided that order and number match.
First select the mp3s and copy the tags with the special context menu function.
Then select the flacs and paste the tags with the special context menu function.
Like that it should be easy to keep both collections up to date.

How I missed that I will never know!!!

Many thanks