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I have a massive problem, I have a database of over 10,000 albums, CD's and rare 70's imports, I'm in my 60s and been collecting music my whole life. I have thousands of records.

Lets get to the question. Faulty Hard Drives and a fire destroyed almost all my files. Most I have recovered, many are named 1.mp3, 2.mp3 and so on. My whole Database is basically destroyed. I have been submitting and uploading most of my music tracks, the data is there but I don't know how to retag my music. Everything was backed up, just seemed to be one disaster after another.

Going through all my music one track at once is not going to happen, I don't have 20 years life left. If there are no ways to index my music. I may as well delete the files. Many of my CDs won't play because of their age, vinyl - it took me years to collect. I uploaded much of this years ago, surely there is a way

I am so angry now I could cry, just feel like throwing the lot and giving up.

I am not sure whether freedb will help you a lot.

Without a proper look at the files, it is hard to tell how you could restore (tag?) data.
Perhaps the file- and folder names can be harvested, perhaps there are text files to be imported. Perhaps you have other tables to look up.
So what does you

look like?
MP3tag will not listen to your files and then tell you which file is which.

Hello I know how its feels in the begin 90's i had the same problem with 6000 files of music most off them recorded from vinyl al by hand and the HDD crashed :smiling_face_with_tear: :smiling_face_with_tear:...

Since then i have always 3 backups of the files...
Greetings Emile.

In which form do you have this data?

If you cannot restore the tag-data from any personal data you could use MusicBrainz Picard.
This tagger identifies your music-files from their acoustic IDs and writes tag-information to them.
It is not perfect but you will get your meta-data correctly for about 90 %..
What can happen is, that you get the wrong album information, i.e. not the original album but a "Best of" album of an artist.
But anyway you will have enough meta-data restored to work on manullay withe not quite correct ones.

If the actual data is intact, then the tag info should also be there. If you open some of these in mp3tag, is there any metadata at all?

wow thanks for everyone's help. I could cry really. I am going to have to have a closer look and see what I can do. Many of the the songs have multiple entries, same bitrate but different file-size. Am sat laughing at it atm. Throwing the computer across the room won't help.
Some of the tracks have some meta data, even this is often corrupt though, some do glitch. I have them all backed up and attempting different things. I think I completely lost around 10,000 tracks. To be honest following the fire and most of my backup going into storage, I think there has been magnetic damage as well. All my 7" singles were lost (RIP).
Thanks again everyone for all the info, I have a few more things to try, not going to give up just yet ;/

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