How to action changes made in Tag Panel

Hi All,
Haven't been here for a while as I've been using MP3tag without issue for a couple of years. A new HDD (ie SSD) necessitated a re-install of MP3tag, and now something a bit odd is (or should I say isn't) happening: when I make changes in the Tag Panel (which is on the left hand side on my setup), for eg adding an image or making the artist field blank, I can't work out how to "action" this change. On the version I had installed before, it would be actioned by clicking somewhere on the track listing, but this doesn't work anymore. Am I being completely stupid, or have I missed some kind of update change between the version I started using in ca2011/12 and the one I'm using now?
Thanks for your help!

You save the modifications of the tag panel either with Ctrl-S (for "save") or with a function of the File menu or with the save button in the tool bar.

I also think that there is an option for that in File>Options>Tags: Save tags when navigating with arrow keys (crud translation).

The Ctrl-S way is the safest.

File -> Save Tag




Use the Save icon on the toolbar.

Great thanks. I thought I'd gone crazy, but it seems the click off Tag Panel "function" no longer works. I've never quite understood why there wouldn't be some kind of "Apply" button in this panel.

Back to work....

Maybe you had the option [x] Save tags when using arrow-keys/single mouse click
You can find it at File > Options > Tags

Isn't that what wrote in

That option does not apply to the "Tag Panel", it applies only to direct editing in the file list. Tag Panel edits have always needed to be explicitly commited with a "Save" action.

Indeed ohrenkino, my post was redundant.

Christ Hirst you are wrong. This option is exactly for the Tag Panel.

Then it hasn't been working that way for several versions.

It has for me.