How to add a completely new column to MP3 view of a file

An important attribute of any media file created by the BBC is the PID (which I assume means Programme ID) - it is a key 'value' by which to search the BBC web-site for a file when using the get_iplayer application for example. For music files from BBC Radio 3, a typical PID looks like <m000v8qk>.

I want to add a column, named PID, in the mp3tag view of such a music file. That's easy to do with the 'customize columns' function in the view menu. However, I cannot figure out how to set the 'value' and 'field' variables to be able create a unique, editable alphanumeric/text field to contain the PID, without replicating the content of an existing placeholder. Any advice?

You can use %PID% for both field and value. This would display and write to the user-defined field PID.

How elegantly simple! But I clearly did not read deeply enough into the help information, where, I assume, I would have learned the principles behind this setting. Thank you for the prompt reply.

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