How to add a release date and record label to an album on itunes

So, I imported a few albums that I couldn't find on the store into my library and I've tried so many things
but I can't get the release date and record label to show up (like in the picture attached). Please help.

Which "store" are you referring to for this? If you couldn't find the albums there, then you can't expect mp3tag to find the additional field info.

If you want to manually add this info, you will need to use a file that does display the info you want. Open this in the Enhanced Tag editor, and find out what field your player is using to store this text. You can then add that same field into the files you want to update, manually adding the new text you want to see.

I'm using iTunes, and where is then enhanced tag editor?

Press Alt-T

So uh, are the fields for iTunes that I should use "COPYRIGHT" and "YEAR"?

The idea is to use an existing file that shows all the details that you also want to see for the added files.
Select one of these files in MP3tag and open the extended tags dialogue.
There you check which fields are filled in this file and you then fill the same fields in the new files.
Then you only have to force iTunes to re-read the metadata.

YEAR is the same field for all players, and should match for an entire album. Some try to change these on compilation discs like greatest hits or similar, but this is not standard practice. Either use the original year of release for the album, or if you prefer you can use the rerelease year.

COPYRIGHT is typically where you would see the data you mentioned in your first post, but it is not always so easy. For iTunes, if I recall correctly, it only works with mp4 format (lossless ALAC or lossy aac). It may not display correctly for mp3 files, but you will need to try, and verify this. (Most other players do not use this field at all, so no guarantees you can use this if you are not in iTunes)

You can also use this button in the tool bar to access the Enhanced Tag editor.

This will let you see all tag fields associated with the file(s) you have selected.

So I typed in the year box and it still won't show up, is YYYY-MM-DD the correct format?

If that was the field that you found in the extended tags dialogue ...
and no, anything longer than 4 digits in YEAR is an invalid format.

The correct format for YEAR is just YYYY.

As I mentioned earlier in posted #2 - For the detailed info you posted above, you will need to look at the Enhanced Tag editor for a file that has that info and find which field supports it for your use in iTunes. This is not a "standard" ID3 field so I suspect it will be in a tag that starts with ITUNES______ where the blank has some other custom tag name.

And again this will only apply to mp4 files, and will not work even in iTunes if added to other file types like mp3.

The field data I found were "ITUNESADVISORY", "ITUNESALBUMID", "ITUNESARTISTID", "ITUNESCATALOGID", "ITUNESCOMPOSERID", "ITUNESGENREID", "ITUNESMEDIATYPE", and "ITUNESPURCHASEDATE", there were a couple that were similar called "ITUNNORM" and "ITUNMPB" which one of these is the correct one to use?

actually nvm i got it working

Norm has the gain normalization data. iTunes can only use one value, so you have to choose whether you want it to be based on track or album replaygain data if you want to use it.

MPB holds other data that is used in iTunes database.

All of those other fields have data related to the names.

What was the end resolution?

idk, i just pasted in some lines i saw that were in an official album that i didnt see in the unofficial albums i think it was itunesaccount, itunesadvisory, itunesgapless, itunesmediatype, and itunesowner

Details about these tags are available on the main site for mp3tag near the bottom of the documentation page. The account and owner have your personal info, the rest are detailed here.

Does any of these contain similar data to what you want to enter? (I doubt that).
You would have to find a track / album that already shows

and then see whether this data is held in the tags.