How to add an extra space between song number and title?


Hey everyone,

I'd like to know how I could add automatically an extra space just before the song title.
Example: instead of "01Song 1" > "01. Song 1".

Is there some kind of automatic conversion?

Thank you very much!


Is this the title tag field or the filename?


It's in the tag column.


What tag field?


No, thank God (or the better: the programmer) there is no automatism.
The string you published looks to me like the filename.
The filename is no tag. A filename is the outside identifier used by the filesystem.

MP3tag deals mainly with tags. They are inside the files. Tags in general do not care what the filename looks like.
But: MP3tag has great functions to generate tags from filenames and filenames from tags.
Check if you have not only filenames but also tags.
If your case you can use the converter
filename - filename
enter this mask for the old filename
enter this mask for the new filename
%1. %2
The preview should show you the probable result


I can't seem to be doing it right. :frowning:

Sorry, but: I do have "01Song1.mp3" under the filename column,

Maybe my settings aren't right,.

It seems that when I do convert filename - filename,
and then I type %1 (in the new filename pattern)

the track number seems to be included in %1.

I don't understand!


Psydux, you have joined the forum at "15-December 09".
Did you ever do anything with Mp3tag in the meantime?
Be honest, do you understand the philosophy and mechanics of tagging?
Why do you present different test cases?

How can we help you?



Sorry, :huh:

I do understand the mechanics of tagging.

My problem is solved. Thank you for your help.


You can use the converter 'Tag- Filename' with the Formatstring ...

$num(%_filename%,2)'. '$trimLeft(%_filename%,'0123456789')


  1. Song1.mp3

You can use the converter 'Filename - Tag' with the Formatstring ...




Thank you.