How to add () arround feat. artist in Fields


Hi there

Like many users I haven't been taking advantage of the most powerfull fatures of this incredible piece of software: Scripting in actions...

Here's what I'd like to do:
I would like to add brackets in front of "feat." if it is part of the TITLE and at the end of the TITLE, so that the feat. artist is in the brackets.

Here an example:

From TITEL: Weary No More Feat. Tamika
to TITEL: Weary No More (Feat. Tamika)

Adding the first bracket is no problem, since you can simply replace "feat." by "(feat.", but the closing bracket at the end of the TITLE tag can't be done using replace because the strings after "feat." differ for every file...

Thank you for your help.


You can do it with regular expressions. Replace (.) (feat. .) with $1 ($2).


Thank you very much!

This solves it.