How to add / convert album art to COVER (FRONT) tag?


My Kenwood DNX-8220BT only displays cover art it if it's a jpeg in a tag called COVER (FRONT) (please see this posting on another forum). Seems WMP 11 can do this (hiss, booh) and Media Monkey, but I can't imagine my favorite tagger (this one) isn't capable of doing that. I just don't know how.

Can anybody help me with that?

Many many thanks!

Right click on the cover > Set Cover Type
Then "Save Tag" [Ctrl+S]

Thanks. But then you're still limited to a fixed number of cover types. I wanted to try and name the tag 'Cover (Front)', just like WMP 11 is said to be doing it.

Anyway, it still doesn't work with my Kenwood. Can't figure it out - it should be able to handle jpeg's in tags, and the size (200x200) is well beneath the specified limits too. The other forum mentioned above seems to suggest the Kenwood systems need the coverfiles to be attached just like WMP 11 does, and since MP3tag's 'Front Cover' tag is not literraly the same as 'Cover (Front)' I was kinda 'hoping' that might solve the problem.

However, I've found out that what MP3tag calls 'Front Cover' shows up in Media Monkey as 'Cover (Front)' anyway, so I don't know. Kenwood isn't helping either (or maybe they just take ages to reply - if they eventually do and come up with anything useful I'll of course pass it on).

I've been able to avoid WMP 11 until now - I sure hope this doesn't make me try that road again. To my opinion it's the worst media player out there (although iTunes is bad too, if you've got loads of music).

Anyone out there with a Kenwood and suggestions for a solution is very welcome to reply!

The ID3v2 tag standard defines only a fixed number of cover types. They are also not saved as strings but as hex numbers.
That means 'Cover (Front) is the same as 'Front Cover'

You could try to change the tag version in Mp3tag to the most compatible one:

Hm - thanks. I save my tags as ID3v2.4 UTF-8 because my old Philips media player would not accept UTF-16, but maybe that's just the problem. I'll try saving some tags in other formats (UTF-16 as well as ISO) and see what happens... Thanks for starting me thinking :slight_smile:

OK - well, this turned out to be the problem. I had kinda dismissed the option since I figured if the Kenwood would be able to read UTF-16, it surely would be able to read UTF-8, but hey - never underestimate the logic of consumer electronics. ID3v2.3 UTF-16 works fine and shows me my photo's now. Now I just have to re-safe a whole lot of mp3's... Thank Someone for MP3tag... and thank you for the help.