How to add director, producers, screenwriters and studio (generally Cast & Crew) via mp3tag to a movie for Itunes?

see the help on supported tag fields:

perhaps you find something there.
Or even better: do you have a sample file that already shows that information? Then you can check which fields have been used.

I've got a Sample File but it's just this

I don't understand - does this show the information the way you want it or not?

no, as you can see there is nothing related to 1st picture in 2nd: no producer field, no screenwriters... That one was bought in iTunes store, though, may be coded, but idk. I just can't add those tags to function. Maybe you can recommend some other metadata tagging software for movies especially, as the only progress I've made was by using MetaX and mp4 Video & Audio Tag Editor (those had free trial that has already expired, maybe there is other software, maybe free?)

As this is no sample file I would think that it would require some more research on your side to find out whether any file at all contains the information you are looking for.

This is probably stored in the iTunMOVI field. But it is not a normal tag, it contains an xml structure which you need to adhere to when you make changes to it.


Actually, yes. Despite that xml structure being just informative, it is functional, which is very useful, thank you.

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