How to add %_Filename% to the %Title% but keep the original name of %Title%

Hello friends,

I have problem as example below:

%_Filename%: 1. Free As A Bird.flac
%Title%: Wolny Jak Ptak

Now, I would like to add %_Filename% to the %Title% (but keep the original name of %Title%):
%Title%: Wolny Jak Ptak (Free As A Bird)

How do I do this?

I tried actions: Format value / Replace / Guess values
But it's not working!

Thanks in advance.

As I would recommend an action of the type "Format value" it would have been interesting to see what you have tried in that action.

I would have use the
format string: %title% (%_filename%)

Or you could have looked at this thread from just a couple of hours ago:

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It is working!
%title% ($trim($regexp(%_filename%,'^\d+.-?',)))