How to add files to existing playlist? and other questions

Hi All,

I just used Mp3tag few days ago and still not used to it.

The first thing to do when I open Mp3tag was create playlist.
Now I added some new songs to the folder and Im curious of how can I add the new files to the existing playlist.


I dunno what I did (I think i updated the idtrack automatically) and suddenly some of it has no artis name etc, except for filename. On the tag it says (!BAD ID3v2)

Another question is on the tag some say ID3v2.3 (ID3v2.3), some ID3v2.3 (ID3v1 ID3v2.3), some ID3v2.2 (ID3v2.2), some others ID3v1 (ID3v1 !BAD ID3v2) what are those all about


D&D the old playlist into MP3tag,
add new files to MP3tag either with the toolbar functions or via the explorer and pressing Ctrl while d&d'ing.
Save teh new collection as playlist.
There is no real append function.

Also, you should run your collection through an mp3-file checker like Mp3diags or Mp3val and repair them before you start tagging.
After the check you have the option to repair the files which should lead to clean mp3 files.

Have a look at the column definition for tags: it tells you which tag you see (in front of the parenthesis) and which tag versions are present in the file (shown in parenthesis). It is possible to have more than one tag version (V1, V2, APE) in the files.
All other tag versions (like 2.2, Lyrics 1.0) should be removed or updated (by saving the tag data again using mp3tag).

BTW: Mp3tag does nothing automatically. You have to trigger a function. Otherwise no data will be modified.