How to add graphic to artist in windows 10 Groove Music

Hello everyone and happy new decade!

I have been trying to google this solution for days now and nothing comes up. yet its a very common use case.

I want to know how to properly tag so the artist has a graphic/photo with windows 10 Groove app.

this is what i always regardless and trying every field in the cover art section

I have tried to use 'artist' in the cover section. But this is not recognized by groove.

Perhaps someone out there has music in their groove player that shows this? Perhaps they could use mp3tag to inspect it so we can crack this together?

Thanks. and thanks for the great program

Isn't Groove this cloud based player? (I don't use it)
Then I would see if filling the fields ALBUMARTIST and ARTIST would do the trick and that Groove then adds the picture itself - as long as it recognizes the artist.
In your dump it looks like hardly any data is present ("Unknown Artist") - so the more you can offer Groove, the better.

I found this post on Microsoft Support but I’m not sure what to make out of it.

There is one post from „Rolando Vil“ which explains how to replace the image in the local image cache — honestly, that can’t be the answer.

Thanks for the prompt answers guys

Groove does indeed try to use an online database to fill in meta data. You can disable this option in Settings> Media Info > Off. This was the start of this rabbit hole for me as it was filling it in with strange stuff.

I have the fields ALBUMARTIST and ARTIST filed with mp3tag editor. This shows up nicely as text.

But i still cant figure out which are the covers to put in it. I can only get album covers to work.

The link to microsoft support Florian suggested is the issue I am having. But there is no ideas presented there are not helpful to solve this problem.

Can it really be this obscure to try to display a graphic for an Artist? Is this problem in other media players ? Doesnt seem like it should be this hidden in 2021