how to add leading digits of your choice

i have filenames like these:-


kidly instruct me what to do if i want these to appear filename like these:-( two leading digits and a space before the filename text)

21 mysong.mp3
22 yoursong.mp3
23 hissong.mp3
24 hersong.mp3

kindly instruct me what to do if i want these to appear filename like these:-( three leading digits and a space before the filename text)

243 mysong.mp3
244 yoursong.mp3
245 hissong.mp3
246 hersong.mp3

Convert > Filename - tag:

$num($add(%_counter%,20),2) %_filename%

i found a way out. i have no words to express my gratitude towards the developers of this software. this soft is so nice. for the information of concerned i would like to quote the format string.

original filenames:-

mysong(album name)
hissong(album name)
hersong(album name)

original title:-


format string:$num(+2%_counter%,)-%title%
now you get filenames as:-
if you want to get filenames starting from 101-
format string:$num(+10%_counter%,)-%title%
and thus you can have your files renamed with any digits of your wish using this format string.

anyway thanks for dano who has responded so quickly.have a nice day.

Sorry but your strings are bad examples which nobody should imitate.

Why is there a+ sign? It has no use. And there is no 2nd parameter in the $num function. It seems to be the same as $num(x,1) but you should still write the 2nd value.


Your first problem is unclear:

format string:$num(+2%_counter%,)-%title%

now you get filenames as:-

What's the logic behind that?

that if i want two digits before the filename, then the first string if i want three digits before the filename then next string.

i am happy that you have responded so quickly and thanks you Dano. I claim no authority, ia m a novice in this field. i just quoted the string in the hope that somebody may benefit from it.

kinldy help me in finding out solution for the following problem.
with the above string i can get filenames with digits starting from 01.02.03. or 11,12,13 or 21,22,23 or 101,102,103 etc. if i want a group of filenames to get the filenames starting from digits 27 what to do? then if it should start from 167 what to do?what i mean is i should get the above filenames as


thanks in advance. have a nice day.

See my first answer:

with the $add() function you can define the start value

your suggestion doesn't give the expected gives only the same number to all the files.
$add(%_counter%,20) gives 21 as leading digits for all the files selected for formatting. in my case all the three examples will have leading digits of 21. i want it to be in the arithmatic progression. that also should start with other digits than 1. example i should expect to get 26 for the first file 27 for the second and 28 for the third.

if i give $add(%_counter%,25)
it will give 251 as leading digits,that also to all the files

can i ask you some more help?

thanks in advance.

I cannot see why $add(%_counter%,25) should not work as expected, see following example preview output from a Tag-Filename action:

"O:\MUSIK\ROCK\L\Laurent Garnier\Unreasonable Behaviour\01_Warning_LaurentGarnier_UB_2000.mp3" ->
"O:\MUSIK\ROCK\L\Laurent Garnier\Unreasonable Behaviour\26.mp3"

"O:\MUSIK\ROCK\L\Laurent Garnier\Unreasonable Behaviour\02_CityShpere_LaurentGarnier_UB_2000.mp3" ->
"O:\MUSIK\ROCK\L\Laurent Garnier\Unreasonable Behaviour\27.mp3"

"O:\MUSIK\ROCK\L\Laurent Garnier\Unreasonable Behaviour\03_ForgottenThoughts_LaurentGarnier_UB_2000.mp3" ->
"O:\MUSIK\ROCK\L\Laurent Garnier\Unreasonable Behaviour\28.mp3"

"O:\MUSIK\ROCK\L\Laurent Garnier\Unreasonable Behaviour\04_SoundOfTheBigBabou_LaurentGarnier_UB_2000.mp3" ->
"O:\MUSIK\ROCK\L\Laurent Garnier\Unreasonable Behaviour\29.mp3"

"O:\MUSIK\ROCK\L\Laurent Garnier\Unreasonable Behaviour\05_UnreasonableBehaviour_LaurentGarnier_UB_2000.mp3" ->
"O:\MUSIK\ROCK\L\Laurent Garnier\Unreasonable Behaviour\30.mp3"

"O:\MUSIK\ROCK\L\Laurent Garnier\Unreasonable Behaviour\06_CyclesDoppositions_LaurentGarnier_UB_2000.mp3" ->
"O:\MUSIK\ROCK\L\Laurent Garnier\Unreasonable Behaviour\31.mp3"

"O:\MUSIK\ROCK\L\Laurent Garnier\Unreasonable Behaviour\07_ManWithTheRedFace_LaurentGarnier_UB_2000.mp3" ->
"O:\MUSIK\ROCK\L\Laurent Garnier\Unreasonable Behaviour\32.mp3"

"O:\MUSIK\ROCK\L\Laurent Garnier\Unreasonable Behaviour\08_CommunicationsFromTheLab_LaurentGarnier_UB_2000.mp3" ->
"O:\MUSIK\ROCK\L\Laurent Garnier\Unreasonable Behaviour\33.mp3"

"O:\MUSIK\ROCK\L\Laurent Garnier\Unreasonable Behaviour\09_Greed_LaurentGarnier_UB_2000.mp3" ->
"O:\MUSIK\ROCK\L\Laurent Garnier\Unreasonable Behaviour\34.mp3"

"O:\MUSIK\ROCK\L\Laurent Garnier\Unreasonable Behaviour\10_DangerousDrive_LaurentGarnier_UB_2000.mp3" ->
"O:\MUSIK\ROCK\L\Laurent Garnier\Unreasonable Behaviour\35.mp3"

"O:\MUSIK\ROCK\L\Laurent Garnier\Unreasonable Behaviour\11_Downfall_LaurentGarnier_UB_2000.mp3" ->
"O:\MUSIK\ROCK\L\Laurent Garnier\Unreasonable Behaviour\36.mp3"

"O:\MUSIK\ROCK\L\Laurent Garnier\Unreasonable Behaviour\12_LastTributeFromThe20thCentury_LaurentGarnier_UB_2000.mp3" ->
"O:\MUSIK\ROCK\L\Laurent Garnier\Unreasonable Behaviour\37.mp3"


thanks a lot ,dano. it works.
have a nice day.