how to add (multiple) Genre information ?


first hello, it is my first message here, i use mp3t v2.55 since more 2 years now.

i wish to add a Genre to my mp3 file, but not replace or update, really add a genre like i can see sometimes mp3s can have multiple genres into the field Genre .

by exemple, i have tracks with the genre "Soundtrack", then i wish to add "Sad" to the genre, then haveing "Soundtrack;Sad" into the genre field of the id3tag.

so how can i multiple genres ?

thank for help, and have a good day.

I would update to the current version.

You can add a string to any field manually any time.
If the target player will understand that depends on the target system.
If you want to add a specific string to a number of files with different already existing entries, use an action of the type
Format value for that field (here probably GENRE)
Format string: %genre%; Sad

This appends "; Sad" to the existing GENRE