How to add music to mp3tag?


I got stuck with the basics within basics. I googled and read some FAQs, but i couldn't find an answer. They're all about changing tags, adding albums arts, sorting with %-%, and so on

Every time i drag some music into the mp3tag window. The old music gets removed and left with the new stuff i put in. How can i add music into mp3tag without removing whatever was in there already? Is there a way to not use directory and allow me to simply create an playlist with music i drops in?

It took me 1 and a half hour to figure out how to move music with the ALT key.... Pulling all the music out into 1 folder and sort with Shift and ALT key is driving me nuts now...

Is there a way to export foobar200 music in playlist order into mp3tag?


Hold down Ctrl key to add music.

Export the playlist from foobar and load it with Mp3tag.

Thanks <3