how to add names in end of file name

I Want to add my names in last of files name,

plz see screenshot to understand my query and

plz give me format string to add this types names in last of files name...

sorry for bad english


This question refers to basic functionality of Mp3tag.

  1. Read FAQ area ...
    How do I append the string " xyz" to the content of a tag-field?

  2. Read Mp3tag help manual ...
    Characters with special functionality

The applicable format string should look something like this ...

%TAGFIELD%' [appended text enclosed in square brackets]'


thanks for reply but i am unable to do this...

plz give me video link to do this

Why do you think I should do so?


bcoz i thik u feel happy to help others......
and i am in problem to do this.. its ur personal problem to do or not to do for me me?

So you need a video link to do this?
What video link do you think of?


i want to add my names in ends of file names ... i will try more strings but didnt done that plz give me video link for how to add our name in last of file name as well as begin of file name like my attach images..

plz see attacment images.. thanks.

Hi Rahul,
I would like to have an open word with you.
I remember you to frequently ask questions about absolutely basic handling topics, you are usually not able to follow the instructions and you hardly ever answer any questions that might ease the process of helping you. This makes it for me very difficult to take your pleas for help seriously.
Yes, I do like to help others - but I prefer to help people who really want to advance their skills.
I have my doubts about your intentions when I see your answers.

Could you please explain what exactly hinders you to perform the steps as described in the FAQs?
As these refer to the absolutely basic handling skills of Windows, the keyboard and the mouse it does not look very plausible that you cannot do it - as you are participating in this forum which utilizes just these skills.

So right now I would give you the advice to ask a friend to perform the troublesome tasks for you.
Or come back and show cooperation.

i am trying all things which i do.. my last hope on only you i know you solve my problem in a movement but u are unable to understand my query... plz give me imagesg step by step how to do this...

Before I sit for hours and create screenshots could you please answer the plain question:

Where do you get stuck when you try to follow the instructions from the FAQs?

So you want to add your name at the end of the file name?
What do you think what you can do to accomplish this task?
Please explain, why do you think that a video link can help you.
Please explain, to what category of video should the link refer to?


i follow the FAQ instruction to solve my problem ..when i apply string and click ok tab there was no change in file names

i think video help is more easy to learn anything than theory.... thats the reason of my video link demand.

Now it is up to you to explain me how I can make a video of my keyboard input respectively of my mouse clicks and where I have to put this video file onto the internet or other private file hoster in order to send you the URL of that video.


Which example from the FAQs are you referring to?
what did the string look like you entered?
What did the filename look like?
What was the contents of the fields?