how to add rating tag

using search i can't seem to find out how to add rating tags to my files. can anyone point me to where i can find step by step instruction on adding a rating tag to my music files....and how to view the rating as one of my columns.


First: only WMP accepts rating tags - iTunes stores them locally in a database on the PC.
Then: Add the column %rating wmp% to your columns

Then you may follow the instructions of the MP3Tag help: either add a number between 0 and 255 or asterisks just like in WMP.

WMP has to reread the tracks to see the effects of the rating.
In iTunes nothing of your work will be displayed.

Use only the values 1-5 for %rating wmp% (as written in the help)

thanks for the help!
i looked at the help files (before and after) i posted and i don't see this info in "help> Configuration>tags". what am i missing? also after adding the column "%rating wmp%" i see the column, but when i add a value for a track such as "4" or "****" it does not save to the column (in other words the column remains empty).

You are missing the right page: /help/main_tags.html ("Names and mapping of ID3v2/WMA/MP4 tag fields")
And while you are at it: please check if you only read the tag or also rewrite it. So fill in the name, the value with the variable %rating wmp% and also the field with %rating wmp%.

And if that still does not work, we will have to have a look at the type of tags you have in your files - the classic foe is APE. If you have APE tags remove them first. Otherwise no MP3 tags will be stored

thanks that did it. i didn't have the value set. can anyone tell me the difference between %Rating MM% & %rating wmp% ? and which might be a better option or most compatable? (i'm using wmp 11).

I think it's a bigger problem - if you want it compatible.

You have to know that the sh.. ID3 format has defined that a file can have multiple ratings.

When you read chapter 4.17 Popularimeter

then you see that the format it "per email address" - which means that you have to display multiple columns - one column for each email address.

WMP uses a specific email address. MM might use another one - don't know it yet.

The values are from 0-255 - and 5 might be 255, 4 = ? .. and so on ... don't know it yet.

I hope that helps to understand that sh...


If you use WMP then take %rating wmp%

And you can skip what pueblo funky wrote as %rating wmp% already takes care of all that stuff.