How to add tag if empty

I'm trying to edit the iTunes Source code, because it always copies the value from Album Artist to the field Composer, which is not correct.

I'd like to check if the Composer field is already empty, and if it's not, just skip doing it (that way it will preserve the composer if it is already present in the file)

	outputto "COMPOSER"
	FindLine "\"artistName\":\""
	FindInLine "\"artistName\":\""
	SayUntil "\", \""
	Say "|"

The original script is attached just fore checking.

iTunes#United States of America.src (5.9 KB)

You can't check which metadata fields are currently present on an audio file in a Web Source script. A script just parses web information and outputs a series of metadata fields independently from the current file metadata contents.

This feature you are asking for should be implemented in the Adjust tag information dialog that is shown after the script has finished parsing a Web Source by allowing the user to choose which tag fields to overwrite and which not. Unfortunately, this is not the case at this moment.