How to add text to multiple existing tag fields at once


So i have an artist folder with 10 folders in it. each of the 10 folders is a different single by this artist. The album metadata for each single matches the title of the song. what i like to do with single tracks is leave the album metadata as the title of the song but add " [single]" to the end of each one. Is it possible to add this text to the existing album metadata of multiple files at once? at the moment i have to select each one, copy and paste " [single]" into each album field and save it.

i tried just adding it the album field after "keep" but it just saved the album names as "keep [single]".

I want them to look like the below:

Album 1 [single]
Album 2 [single]
Album 3 [single]

You can only put the same content in in the tag panel fields for several marked files.
If you want to add the same content to an already extistent content you have to mark all your files and use the converter of the type Tag->tag or an action of the type format value:

Converter Tag->Tag
Field: ALBUM
Format string: %album% '[Single]' or %album% '['Single']'

The square brackets have to be put in single quotes if you want to use them as text because square brackets in format strings have a special functionality in Mp3Tag.

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...and not to forget the "HowTos":

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