How to add title based on the filename and a list

Hi, I wonder if the next thing is possible.

For example: I have files that are numbered like


Is it possible to do a conversion so that the titles of the files are renamed like

001.mp3 --> 001 - aaa
002.mp3 --> 002 - bbb
003.mp3 --> 003 - ccc
004.mp3 --> 004 - ddd

I have a list of the titles based on the numbers.

I'm not familiar with replacing with regular expressions and hope someone could help.

Thanks a lot!

I fyou want to fiddle only with the filename, then you could edit the text file to become a batch job and rename the files without the need to use MP3tag.

With MP3tag, you could import the data into the TITLE field and then compose a new filename with the tag field data.
If would now be much simpler to explain how to import the data into TITLE if you showed us the first (or some more) line(s) from the text file.

Thank you for your quick reply.

These are some lines I have with the filenames and the corresponding titles:

001.mp3 --> "001 - De Opener"
002.mp3 --> "002 - De Koe"
003.mp3 --> "003 - De Familie van Imraan"
004.mp3 --> "004 - De Vrouwen"
005.mp3 --> "005 - De Tafel"
006.mp3 --> "006 - Het Vee"
007.mp3 --> "007 - De Hoge Muren"

I am curious about your reaction!

it looks as though the number of records and the number of files correspond.
Now try Convert>Text file-Tag
Enter the name of the source file.
Enter as import mask:
%track% - %title%
Click OK.
Once the converter has completed the task, the fields TRACK and TITLE should be filled - check the files list for that.

Now use Convert>Tag-Filename to rename the files.
Format string: %track% - %title%

If you are not sure that you do it right, try it with a (a set of) sample file(s) first.

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OMG it works!! I didn't expect it to be that simple, thank you very very much! :+1:

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