How to add track number to the Title?

Problem: My Kindle eBook reader displays the Title only for audio books and I need to have the track number included.

I googled the problem and found a response however I'm having trouble understanding the answer.

"I assume you changed a column in the file view, but this does not change your tags, it only changes what Mp3tag (one word) displays.
I suggest to revert this change.

To add the track number to the title tag create a new action:

Action type: Format value
Field: TITLE
Format string: %title% %track%"

Now I have added an Action 'Format Value' and it shows up in the list of Actions but it's the next step where I am lost.

How do I get to the next step Field: Title?? I assume when I'm there I will just have to paste that format string in a dialog box.

When I created that Format Value Action I did try and put an X in the box then click ok but all it said was that Formatting 0 of 11 tags were renamed. How do I get into that Field: title??

I'm sure I will feel stupid when someone leads me by the hand with this problem.


have a look at this:
Audiobook Tag Issue

To call an action:
Select the files in the files list and then select the action from the actions menu.

I suspect that you first have to fill tags before you can apply actions to the files.
A way to fill a lot of files with the same data (but still fill them) is to select all the files in the files list, enter the data in the tag panel and press save (Ctrl-S).
You may then continue with the actions as described in the post I mentioned above.

Thanks for the reply but I still need a kick....

I can select/highlight all eleven files I want to edit. I can see Format Value in the Action Group but it's the next step where I'm lost.

After I select Format Value no box pops up allowing me to enter information. From what I've read when I select this Format Value a dialog box like "Field" and then "Format String" should pop up and it doesn't.

I'm missing something very basic here I I have to right click on something to get these boxes?

There are two ways to execute a saved Action Group.

First, select your files, then either:

  1. Click the 'Aa' button that says 'Actions' (not the one that says 'Actions (Quick)'). Place a tick mark next to any action groups that you wish to run. Press the 'OK' button. When you press the OK button the action groups are all executed.
  2. Click the small down-arrow next to the 'Aa' button, then select the action group that you wish to execute. This is a fast way to run one action group, but you can only run one at a time.

You can also use the 'Actions' menu item or Alt+5 to bring up the dialog box with checkboxes.

Got it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks a million ........what a great forum.