How to adjust this Regexp for capitalization?


I'm using this Regexp to get a more natural capitalization. The only problem is that words in teh beginning of a parenthesis should be capitalized, even if they're in this list. The typocal example would be Artist - Title (the Blah Blah Remix) where of course the "the" should be capitalized.

I have absolutely no knowledge in these scripting but would very much appreciate any help!


If you are not satisfied with the result of the action that you described in the OP, then add another action of the type "Tag Conversion" and enter the "(" for characters that denote a word boundary .
You have to enter all characters that do this, including space, comma, full stop etc.

Thank you @ohrenkino for answering! Iäm not sure I completely understand. Do you mean a "Case conversion" or a Regexp in the _TAG?

I would never apply such an action to _TAG but always only to specific fields.

In general: such a regular expression gets a capital letter following a bracket in TITLE:

Band names often do not use a lower-case article, so applying the action to the global tag produces just as many errors as it produces hits.

Mott The Hoople
Kissing The Pink
Sounds From The Ground

So I would limit such an action to the specific fields like TITLE or Lycrics.

You have to adapt Step 1 from the given proposal by user "Juozas V" to your own needs.
In the first action "Case conversion" you have to define one or more character/s within the edit field "Words begin from/after any of:", which should be uppercased.
In your case this will be the one character for the "open round bracket".
Within this edit field there can be defined more than one "trigger character".

You are still using Mp3tag Version 2.65a?
Consider updating to version 2.81.


Thank you both for your answers, I will have a look at this later today.