How to align track length during nfo export

Hi, if anyone could help me with this little coding problem Id be extremly greatful...

When exporting to nfo Id like the track length info (%_length%) to be alligned vertically.

Ive been looking into how Dano does this in his nfo code, but i cant figure it out. Dano's script lacks artist info (there is only "track no. - track title - track length"). I really need artist (%artist%) to be included since I have alot of VA albums.

This is the standard code i use: (Currently I always need to manually allign all the %_length% after export...)

$loop(%_path%)%track%.  %artist% - %title%  %_length%

This is how i want it to look:

Tracklisting:                                        Time:
01.  Artist A - Track A                              01:00
02.  Artist B - Track B                              02:37
03.  Artist C - Track C                              05:26
04.  Artist D - Track D                              05:31
05.  Artist E - Track E                              02:58
06.  Artist F - Track F                              07:31
07.  Artist G - Track G                              03:30
08.  Artist H - Track H                              07:40

                                           Total: 00:42:31

Thanks for any help! (sorry for my lack of knowledge how to do this)

Try this:

$loop(%_path%)%track%.  %artist% - %title%$repeat( ,$sub(60,$len(%artist% - %title%)))%_length%

Ah! Thx a million! :smiley:

Sorry if Im pushing my luck here (please forgive me)...
but is it possible to add a line break when the number of character in %artist% plus %title% reaches the defined placement of %_length%? So that the rest of the track title continues on the next line?

(On second thought that probably would be difficult, both because it would need the the correct spacing on next line as well as track title needs to break at a whole word not just the number of characters that reaches the limit...) Is it possible? :S

Tracklisting:                                        Time:
01.  Artist A - Track A                              01:00
02.  Artist B - Track B with a Really Really Really  02:37
     Long Track Name
03.  Artist C - Track C                              05:26


$loop(%_path%)$num(%track%,2).  $left(%artist% - %title%,60)  $repeat( ,$sub(60,$len($left(%artist% - %title%,60))))
     $mid(%artist% - %title%,61,60)  $repeat( ,$sub(60,$len($mid(%artist% - %title%,61,60))))

v2 (No empty lines):

$loop(%_path%)$loop(%_path%)$num(%track%,2).  $iflonger(%artist% - %title%,60,$left(%artist% - %title%,60)  $repeat( ,$sub(60,$len($left(%artist% - %title%,60))))
     $mid(%artist% - %title%,61,60)  $repeat( ,$sub(60,$len($mid(%artist% - %title%,61,60)))),$left(%artist% - %title%,60)  $repeat( ,$sub(60,$len($left(%artist% - %title%,60)))))

Wow thank you :slight_smile:

One problem though, i get non-matching no. of loop/loopends on both versions...

I just cannot get my head around how to close them. Final help? :slight_smile:

Sorry. Now it should work.


$loop(%_path%)$num(%track%,2).  $left(%artist% - %title%,60)  $repeat( ,$sub(60,$len($left(%artist% - %title%,60))))%_length%
     $mid(%artist% - %title%,61,60)  $repeat( ,$sub(60,$len($mid(%artist% - %title%,61,60))))

v2 (No empty lines):

$loop(%_path%)$num(%track%,2).  $iflonger(%artist% - %title%,60,$left(%artist% - %title%,60)  $repeat( ,$sub(60,$len($left(%artist% - %title%,60))))%_length%
     $mid(%artist% - %title%,61,60)  $repeat( ,$sub(60,$len($mid(%artist% - %title%,61,60)))),$left(%artist% - %title%,60)  $repeat( ,$sub(60,$len($left(%artist% - %title%,60))))%_length%)

Perfect!!! Thank you so much newser! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: This will same me so much time in the future! Thank you again!

:book: :book:

Thank you so much :rolleyes: :laughing:

Replying to an old topic here.

Does anyone know how I can align the %_total_time% with the individual track %_length%'s? That wasn't included in the code above.

And a second question, how can I remove leading zeros from %_length% and %_total_time%?
e.g. 00:05:23 -> 5:23 or 01:19:59 -> 1:19:59

'00:05:23' ==> $trimLeft('00:05:23','0:') ==> '5:23' '01:19:59' ==> $trimLeft('01:19:59','0:') ==> '1:19:59'


right aligned ...

'-->'$right($repeat($char(32),$len(%_total_time%))%_length%,$len(%_total_time%))'<--' '-->'$right($repeat($char(32),$len(%_total_time%))%_total_time%,$len(%_total_time%))'<--'

--> 00:01<--