How to append a new genre to existing genre?


I have a requirement where a collection of songs have existing genre like "Rock", "Rock/Pop", "Pop" etc.
I want to select all of them and add a custom genre like "Audio CD"

Is there a way to achieve this?

Select all of them, then
Menu Convert Tag -> Tag
Field: GENRE
Format string: %GENRE% Audio CD

How do you use such different genres in one Tag?
Are you sure that you don't want an additional custom Tag for "Audio CD" (which is not an official Genre anyway)?

Wow awesome, Thanks @LyricsLover

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Hi @LyricsLover
I use Roon.. Even though I add a custom tag for Audio CD it will not be recognised by Roon.
I have a similar issue.
I created the tag %LYRYCIST%, but Roon puts it under %COMPOSER%.

I think it should be LYRICIST

Also, there is a tag field MEDIATYPE ... perhaps that is read by your player.

(even though the preview suggests that I linked the same thing twice, the links actually lead to different descriptions)

In addition to @ohrenkino's advice to use LYRICIST, it seems to be "by design" from Roon to show LYRICIST content as COMPOSER (as many other too):

You could ask in the Roon forum why this should be beneficial.

@LyricsLover & @ohrenkino
My apologies. I was indeed using %LYRYCIST%. Yes it shown up under COMPOSER :slight_smile:

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