How to append Catalog Number field to the end of the Album field

I often find that two or more different releases with the same Title will merge into one folder.

Title xxxx CD1
Title xxxx CD2
Title xxxx CD3

all end up in the Album Folder as Title xxxx once processed by iTunes or MusicBee

What I'd like is a way for the Catalog Number to be appended to the Album Title to keep them separate


Title xxxx CD1
Title xxxx CD2


Title xxxx [Catalog Number A1]
Title xxxx [Catalog Number A2]

In which tag field have you saved the


Try an action of the type "Format value" or use Convert>Tag-Tag für ALBUM
Format string: %album% '['%field name with the catalog number%']'

I'm using the Catalog Number tag field that would normally get populated when you do Tag Source search. (see attached picture for an example)

And? Have you tried the converter or action with %catalognumber% instead of


I've tried, yes, but have been unable to find the correct expression to use.

What I'd like to get as a result (using the above Picture as an example), would be a resultant album like:

Godzilla Minus One [RBCP 3502]

Please show me the expression that you used - as the expression is more or less here:

Which would be:
Format string: %album% '['%catalognumber%']'

Well hell, that's simple! I feel an idiot as I was using the replace command, instead of just the format!

many thanks, the issue is resolved.

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