How to apply a filter

How do I apply a filter if I have Auto-apply filter disabled?

The auto-apply behaviour with Auto-apply filter enabled, when trying to enter complex filters with a large library, can be very annoying.

Also, can we have an option to turn off auto-apply when scrolling thru filters in the filter history OR auto-apply the filter on the filter history drop-down close event?

Press Enter to apply the filter

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Pressing Enter, doesn't always work.

If it works sometimes and sometimes it does not it would be interesting to find out where the difference is.
What do you mean by "does not work"?

does not work = filter is not applied, file list is not updated.

Pressing Enter appears to be inconsistent.

Could you give an example of a filter that works and one that does not?
Please note that you sometimes have to wait a while before the file list is updated, depending on the number of currently loaded files.

Like I said, the behaviour appears to be inconsistent. I had a situation where I cleared the filter box, pressed Enter and nothing happened. Perhaps, as you say, I didn't wait long enough.

I'll keep an eye on this and post next time it occurs, with an example.

I have just entered the following in the filter:
%title% MATCHES "(\x28|\s)on(\x2c|\s)"

I then pressed Enter and nothing happens (no file list update).

Eventually, I cleared the filter and pressed Enter. Still nothing happens.

Finally, I selected %title% MATCHES "(\x28|\s)on(\x2c|\s)" from the filter drop-down history and THEN the file list updated as expected.

Looks to me as though MP3Tag filtering is getting confused, at some point.

I tried filters with different expressions, some from the list, some entered directly and also your example filter.
I had 397 files loaded in MP3tag.
All filters I entered manually or directly were activated immediately after I pressed enter, the file list showed the updated list.
When I selected a filter from somewhere down the filter history list then this filter was applied at once without the need to press Enter.
That may be the difference.

Yes, currently I am seeing the same behaviour as you describe when manually entering %title% MATCHES "(\x28|\s)on(\x2c|\s)" and Enter is pressed.

However, on the occasion that I posted that nothing happened when I manually entered %title% MATCHES "(\x28|\s)on(\x2c|\s)" and pressed Enter, this shows an inconsistency and/or bug in MP3Tag when trying to apply a filter.