how to apply freedb->enter info to files


i can look up the album on freedb but have no clue on how to actually get teh code for the album and also how to apply it to the files

this is the album:

Various / The Very Best Of School (disc2)
tracks: 16
total time: 61:06
genre: Pop
ids: rock / ec0e5010

when i do automatic search it doesnt find it however i can find it when i search freedb myself - so i have the album found on freedb how do i get the individual tags applied to my files on my harddrive please

when i enter ec0e5010 as the freedb - ID in mp3tag it comes up with a different album?


You can find the album with the Mp3tag freedb web search, too.

freedb IDs are not unique, you must also choose the correct category (rock for your album)