How to associate file type with a do-nothing fake software?

When I edit audio, I have this files created by sound editor; which can't even be opened by that sound editor. They just store some info about editing process of a WAV file [so after my editing is done, I just delete them]

But every now and then I accidentally click them and have a Windows question about, what should be used for opening them. And so I have to cancel that operation

Or alternatively I can associate them with for example Windows Media Player Classic, which will open them and just not play them- but then of course I will get a new instance of MPC, which I will have to close. So it's a similar drag

So I was thinking: If I had some EXE or BAT that would simply do nothing with them [and not spit an error being unable to read / process them], the problem of the accidental clicking would be solved

Does anyone have a ready solution of that sort, that I could use?

This page
(which I found with the search term "do nothing batch file")

has some suggestions.

Windows should have the methods to associate the file type to that batch file.

I went with a different approach in Google: ASSOCIATE FILE FORMAT WITH DO NOTHING

It seems that this Ricardo Stuven person there got it right for me

Something as simple as his

echo Wait for it...
echo Nothing happened!in a BAT file does the trick. I only get for a split second command line window, but it closes itself immediately. And that is even better, becasue in that way I am informed that I have clicked the wrong file

So kudos to him and kudos to you ohrinenko