How to auto embed WMP art ONLY in imageless id3v2s?


Mp3tag is an amazing program! Thanks to all involved.

When I view my albums in WMP they all show album art. Some have embedded art and some are showing it from WMP's downloaded art stored in a separate file.

As the subject says, I'd like to use Mp3tag to identify the mp3s without embedded art, and automatically embed the best-quality art that WMP has downloaded in to the id3v2s.

I want to do it so that when I play those mp3s on my mobile phone it shows the art correctly.

I'd be very grateful if anyone can point me in the right direction.


Add a column (value: %_covers%) that shows if there is an embedded cover.
Sort by this column.
Then you can easily select the files without cover.
Use action "Import Cover from file" to add the covers.

I'll give it a try tonight. Thank you!