how to auto populate empty metadata fields in a smart playlist

I have an automated radio station and I use Radio Spider FTP download automation, which downloads mp3s from an affiliate radio program to a folder that automatically imports the mp3 files into iTunes, where I have Smart Playlists ready to capture the mp3s.

The problem is, none of these mp3 files have the 'Artist' and 'Album' fields populated. I need to find a way to make these fields auto populate with a designated ID as they are imported into iTunes and before they enter the playlist.

Within 30 minutes from the point that these mp3s are download into iTunes they are playing on the air and FCC regulations require that the METADATA be complete. So I do not have time to get in there and manually plug in these fields.

Please help.

Thank you =)

Since Mp3tag is an interactive program, with no command-line interface, I'm not sure how it could be used to automate the downloading of metadata. Even interactively, I'm not sure it can be done without having full CDs, so that the tracks can be identified.

How is it that this affiliate doesn't comply with the FCC rule, so that you don't have to worry about it?

The mp3 files that are downloaded are not music files. They are 2 - 5 minute segments of (host) audio. They are downloaded from their FTP with nothing but a coded file name for automation purposes. This is fine for terrestrial FM radio, however Internet Radio requires that all METADATA be present. So I need to add in this data. I could simply paste in ID/PSA in both fields in every file, however I have very little time between the point the file is downloaded and before it is played on air, so I am hoping to find a way to auto-populate these fields as they are imported into the playlist. There's got to be a way to do it.