How to Auto Tag (DATE ONLY)?

Hi, new User here (so I will apologise, as I'm sure this will have been raised on here somewhere before).

Have used to fill in all Artist & Track details (mostly manually, as didn't realise I could do automatically). Don't abuse me, it's an age thing!! :smile:

Before I lose another month of my life, can someone tell me how (a tutorial or some such) to show me the steps to automatically retrieve and update the YEAR field only?
The reason is, that when I open files in MusicBee, some have YEAR only (which is what is shown in my MP3Tag field), but others have 1/1/* showing...

Apart from the problem that artist and title hardly define the release year of a track ...
see e.g. here:

There is no DATE field - there is the most common field YEAR and sometimes RELEASETIME.
See the help on a list of supported fields:

Thank you for very quick response.

So, if I understand, I am looking to auto-retrieve YEAR then?

How can I do this?

The already linked thread shows some proposals.
Please note that unless you have several files that belong to an album, you have to tag each file individually and call the web source separately for each file.

Ahh, I see.

So, would be useful for Albums, but time-consuming for Singles.

I appreciate your assistance.

Exactly. That's how it is.

Not sure this helps, but...

I organize all my files into folders by composer/composition with the individual files for all the movements or scenes (opera) in numerical order. If I need to make a mass update to all the files in a folder, I open the folder, highlight all the tracks (ctrl-a), and type in the universal value in, say, the date box in the left bar. I can then save that for that folder.