How to Auto Tag

Hello I have just downloaded MP3Tag to make life easier cataloging my Cd's. I have a lot of Cd's which are compilations and have artists missing, sometimes have tracks, sometimes the album or just some piece information.

Is there a way I can upload each which is now a MP3 file and auto tag each track?

I am not technical so a step by step instructions would be great if possible.

Thank you in advance.


Just have a look at the help's chapter "First steps":

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On looking at the instructions does this mean I have complete the tags manually? As does not say look up or auto tag?

Thank you

This depends an awful lot on the already available data.
MP3tag only uses the tag data and leaves the audio part alone. So MP3tag cannot "guess" which audio piece it currently handles.
There are converter functions that retrieve information from the path and/or the filename and there are web source scripts.
Whether you find the correct information there I cannot say.

It looks like you're trying to auto-tag the data for CD2 of a release named "Country Legends". I'd try using the MusicBrainz tag source from the Tag Sources menu for that.

You probably get multiple results, but only one with two discs (visible from the two entries in the Tracks column).

Then move the files (you can also do this for multiple selected files at once) so that they match the titles.

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Did you see the file I attached at the beginning of this conversation that is the sort of information I have ended up with. When Winamp was alive you could upload mp3's and send them to auto tag and would come up with best selections for the track or album. I was hoping MP3 Tag would do the same thing? Or have i misunderstood?

Thank you once again.


MP3tag has no function to upload any files.
MP3tag only exchanges text information.
So the answer is probably: no, MP3tag does not auto tag.

I think you are looking for a software that can add tags to your music after analyzing the music part of mp3. Have a look at software like "MusicBrainz Picard".

MP3Tag can only help you in exchanging informations from the filenames, directories and websources to fill your tags.

That's right. But also MB Picard can only "identify" music which was previously analyzed, the acoustic fingerprint uploaded and the track(s) joined with all the additional metadata in MusicBrainz.

What about the freedb?
foobar2000 has the possibility to look up CDs there.
Does MP3Tag have the same functionality?

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Thank you everyone for your help I found MusicBrainz Picard does the job for me and MP3 Tag for those files it is unable to find.

Thank you again you have helped make my life simpler.