How to automate Filename-Tag using Actions

I routinely execute the following steps to update tags for a radio station:

  1. Filename-Tag

  2. Filename-Tag

  3. Tag-Tag
    %album%, %bpm%

I have tried to create an Action to automate these steps, but it doesn't work. I tried:

Guess values "%_FILENAME%": %genre%\%bpm%\%album%\%dummy%
Guess values "%_FILENAME%": %title%
Format value "ARTIST": %album%, %bpm%

The FILENAME is updated, but apparently the first step isn't working, because I get blanks or just a comma in BPM, ALBUM, and ARTIST. And GENRE is unchanged.

I'd appreciate some help.



The action and the steps by themselves look ok.
If they don't work then apparently the patterns don't match the real data.
So, what we need is an example for filenames where it does not work.