How to automatically assign a Title tag based on a file name

Let's say you have a folder with songs which have no ID Tags whatsoever.

For a folder named C:\ALBUM containing files:
01 Song 1
02 Song 2
03 Song 3

How do you automatically assign ID tags so that, for example,
file 03 Song 3 would be assigned a TITLE tag:
Song 3

In other words, without the 03 preceding it?
I know that Mp3tag ALT+2 feature can auto assign the full file name as a Title tag.
Thank you.


CTRL+A > ALT+2 > Enter > OK > OK

CTRL+A > Actions > Actions (Quick) > Replace with regular expression > OK

Field: Title
In Regular expression enter ^.{3} if you want to remove 3 chars.
Replace matches with stays empty.

You should use 3 characters because in 03 Song 3 you are removing 03 plus one space.

Is there any way to COMBINE the two operations of assigning file name to ID Tag and removing the three first characters as posted above, so that you don't have to run the program twice for two different operations?

You could also use the COnvert>Filename-Tag function with
%dummy% %title%

Or if you want to preserve the track number:
%track% %title%

In the Convert-menue are special partly predefined actions with a preview.
So anything you can do with the convert-menue you can do with actions.
And actions can be combined to action groups in which the defined actions are executed in a row.
So don't use "Actions (Quick)" but use "Actions" and define an action-group with 2 actions.
To copy the filename to the title tag:
Action Type: Format value
Field: TITLE
Format string: %_filename%

This should only show the possibility of action-groups which you seem not be be knowing.
Alternatively you can achieve you goal without other actions or with the convert menue.

With the Convert-Menue: Filename - Tag
Format String: %dummy% %title% or
%track% %title% (which will save the 2 digits to the track-tag)


with the Convert Menue: Tag - Tag
Field: TITLE
Format String: $cutleft(%_filename%,3)


with an action:
Action type: Format Value
Field: TITLE
Format String: $cutleft(%_filename,3)


Action Type: Guess Values
Source-Format: %_filename%
Guessing Pattern: %dummy% %title% or %track% %title%

Oh, my god... Excellent.

I see that the "Guest value" action is very useful...

Thank you for this.