How to automatically fill the (correct) Album field

Hello everyone,
I am new here, this is my first question ... I hope someone has the answer I expect :pray:.

If the Title and Artist fields are filled, can I have Mp3tag automatically fill the Album field (with the correct Album name)?

Thanks in advance


There are web source scripts that come with the default installation.
Whether such a search leads to the correct album cannot be said.
Web sources can be used only per single track or - if you know which album they belong to - per album. But if you know the album already, it would be easier to type the name in.

Thanks ohrenkino for your reply.

No problem if it's track by track. But what if I don't know the name of the album? Can I somehow save myself the trouble of searching for it, or can the program at least give me options / suggestions / alternatives to choose from?. I forgot to say that the Year field is also filled.


As I said: the default installation has web source scripts (see Menu Web Sources) that look for further data based on artist and title.

That's the answer I expected!.
The options were in the "Tag Sources" menu > "Discogs Artist + Title" and/or "Discogs Artist + Year".

Thank you very much, ohrenkino!.