how to automatically update all tags in my mp3 library ?


I am newbie hello to everybody

I have around 18000 mp3s in an external HD

some of them have messed up or incomplete tags

is there a way to automaticcaly select all my mp3 files and automatically let mp3tag software check and update all tags of my mp3 files?

what are the steps to do it?


No, this is not possible.
But is some data is stored in the filenames or paths, then that data could be recycled.
If you have an idea which files belong to one album, then you can use a web source to update the files for that album.
All further steps depend on the already existing data.

Try using Web source scripts also which takes data from websites like discogs, beatport, iTunes etc for full albums, EPs etc.

Search the Web source section of this forum.

This ensures all of your tags are correct. Including artwork.

This only works on a per release basis. I'd definitely do this as the first plan of attack.