how to avoid parenthesis and its content from a tagfield?

i have album art as --> jackson(

i want it to be --->jackson

i tried action-guess values
but it does not work as the album art item is not visible in the list of items such as title, artist, album ,etc.

how can i accomplish this task? thanks

i don't understand what you mean exactly.
if that is the filename of the album art .jpg file, it won't work.

to remove parenthesis with everything inside, use the following:
$regexp(%TAG FIELD NAME%,(.*),)

thanks pone for the reply.

i have a tagfield as albumartist.when i open a folder of mp3s , i can see the albumartist field. in the filed(for example) i have entries --- something like...> jackson(
out of this, i want to get the item outside the parenthesis. for example---> jackson. for this i want to use the action guess values. i thought ,using the term --%albumartist%(%dummy%)--in the guessing pattern,i could accomplish the task. the problem is mp3tag does not accept the term as quoted above. and there is no item such as albumartist in the dropdown menu.

ah ok, albumartist. you wrote album art in your starting post.

Action: Format Value
Format String: $regexp(%albumartist%,(.*),)


Action: Guess Value
Source Format: $regexp(%albumartist%,(.*),)
Guessing Pattern: %albumartist%


Action: Guess Value
Source Format: %albumartist%
Guessing Pattern: %albumartist%(%dummy%)

What do you mean by "mp3tag does not accept the term"?
Just tpye it in. Don't mind if %albumartist% or %dummy% ar not in the menu. You can use every placeholder by tpying it in. And i think after using a placeholder, it is in the menu, at least they are there in my Mp3Tag.

when i type %albumartist% in the guessvalue--guesssing format, nothing happens. the field entry as quoted remains unchanged. i mean to say theat the parenthesis and its content is not gone.

try using %band% instead of %albumartist%.

pone has updated to ver 2.47 but it appears you are using ver 2.46 where %albumartist% is not used.

I smell all sorts of confusion until most of us have updated past the change from %band% to %albumartist%!

of course it was the problem with the version i used. yesterday i installed v 2.47 and i could find the albumartist in it. works great. thanks .

A friendly reminder: Update the version number in your user profile :wink: