How to avoid rebuilding mp3tag database on restart


Whenever I start mp3tag, it rebuilds it's database from scratch - a tedious process with a big library. Is there a way to have the program save this information and reload it? I looked at the configuration options and at the the forum FAQs but could not find anything

Thanks, Steve (Newbie)


Depends on what you're doing with Mp3tag, and how your music library is organized into folders. If your library is organized into hierarchical folders, don't start Mp3tag up in the topmost folder. If you have large music folders, don't start up in a large folder full of music files.

In Tools > Options > General, there's an option to load (or not) Subdirectories. You might want to uncheck that. There's also an option to set a startup folder that you might want to use.

I always use the Windows Explorer context menu ("right-click menu") to start Mp3tag in an album folder, where there are generally less than a dozen or two files. It loads those files and starts in just a second or two.