How to avoid repeating album name for each song

I have edited couple of audio file(mp3) tags using Mp3tag version 2.50. When i try to play them in the car i am having problem. When i select album "A" for example which is having 5 audio files the album name is repeating 5 times instead of one time when select by Album option. Any one having any idea why it was showing each song as separate album even those songs belong to the same album. I verified all of them having same number of tags. Please help me on this.

Yes, but probably they lack contents in the field ALBUMARTIST.
Fill this field with the same value for all the files belonging to one album and you car player should group it correctly.
(E.g. if you have an album from one artist, then copy the contents of ARTIST into ALBUMARTIST. If you have a compilation then set a dummy albumartist like Various Artists or Sampler Pop.)
In addition you can set the field COMPILATION to 1.

It may be that for bulk entries for the same artist you may add an extra field to the tag panel for ALBUMARTIST - please Tools>Options>Tag Panel for this.

Thank you for your response.

I can not make all the Artist/AlbumArtist values are same for the related Album.
For example if i have Album "A" which is having total 6 songs but each song is having different artist. So i can not make all the songs Artist names are same for that Album because in the same Album each song artist is different.
Is there any way that i can group the Album (related songs) even if the artists are different?

You have only read half of my response, right?

There is no way around filling ALBUMARTIST. Only equal pairs of ALBUMARTIST and ALBUM are grouped.
So add yourself the field ALBUMARTIST in the tag panel (Tools>Options>Tag Panel).
Select all the files of one album but empty albumartist.
Enter the (dummy) name of the albumartist.
Press Save.
Synchronize your player, check the result.