How to batch import the contents of lrc files into tags

I have
filename01.mp3 filename01.lrc
filename02.mp3 filename02.lrc
f03.mp3 f03.lrc......
I'm new to mp3tag. I want to batch import lrc text into the tag "%unsyncedlyrics%". After importing, I don't need to keep the lrc file. I can use the lyrics in the local player. I searched for related issues, but I didn't find a way. ,what should I do?

You will find examples here in the documentation:

Are you sure that the content of your *.lrc files are UNSYNCEDLYRICS?
They have no timestamps in front of the lyrics itself?

See the documentation:

Set as filename format string:

I select the mp3 file and click "text file - tag". Enter "%_filename%.lrc" in "filename".
Enter "%unsyncedlyrics%" in "format string".
Click "OK".
"Cannot read file "G:\home)music(mp3)no|%_filename%.lrc%" pops up.
I don't know how to use :cry:

Did you use the action or the converter?
Use the action.

Thank you so much for your help! I really appreciate your assistance in solving my issue with MP3tag :heart:

Thank you for your help!

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