How to Batch Rename Columns?

I have a question. Was wondering if there is a way to batch rename certain columns such as the album/year/album artist? Instead of one by one since when you are tagging by folder (albums), it will all be the same. Copy/paste or entering it manually is the only way I have seen how to do it. Is there some sort of menu that you can enter certain info into a master field and it will set that for whichever said column?


Use the tag panel on the left for this:
Select all the files that should get the same data (in a certain field, e.g. ARTIST).
Enter the appropriate name in the tag panel input box for Artist.
Press Ctrl-S to save the changes.

You will notice that all fields where you have more than one piece of data switch to "keep" e.g. the field Track behaves like this.

You can add further fields to the tag panel in
Tools>Options>Tag panel

Yep. Use the Tag Panel on the left. Also, remember that you can use Ctrl-A to quickly select all files in view.

Thanks to both of y'all. Worked perfectly and saves me a lot of time!