How to cause tags to appear in iTunes

Hi. I am new to this. I am using Mp3Ttag 2.44 with Windows XP. I cleaned up my song tags, then dragged and dropped the songs into my Sony MP3 player. All worked fine.

I then dragged and dropped the same songs into iTunes. Then I did FILE > LIBRARY > ORGANIZE > CONSOLIDATE to move the physical files into iTunes. I then right-clicked on a song and selected GET INFO. After doing all of this, however, the tags in iTunes do not fully match what I created in Mp3tag. For example, in MP3tag the name of a composer for a song might be "Joe", but in iTunes it appears as "Bill" for the same song.

How do I get iTunes to fully recognize the tags I created using Mp3tag? Thanks

ITunes doesn't recognize ID3v2.4 tags, only ID3v2.3

In MP3Tag:
Select ID3v2.3 instead of ID3v2.4

Or in Itunes:
Advanced>Convert ID3 Tags