How to change a file's folder path based on file name?

  1. I ripped a 70 CD set of Cantatas into folders (e.g.: C:\CD1, C:\CD2, C:\CD3.....).
  2. Each CD has about 3 cantatas. For example CD1 contains BWV1, BWV2 and BWV3.
  3. I have separately created folders for each cantata (C:\Cantatas\BWV1, C:\Cantatas\BWV2, C:\Cantatas\BWV3)

How can I move each BWV# to it's folder? I'm doing it manually now, but I have 3 versions of these kantaten.

Attached is a screenshot of my mp3tag contents.
(For simplicity in explaining, I simplified the folder names in the three steps listed above. Each BWV# is also followed by the composition title.)

How can I renumber each track (say 1 to 5) for each BWV# file? I see there is an option to renumber based on each CD directory.

I do not know what a BWV is ...
But as you have it as a field (I see it in the screenshot), you can use the function
Format string: C:\Cantatas\%BWV%\%_filename%

This should move the audio files but leaves you with a number of empty folders.

Fantastic! I wasn't sure I could get that functionality out of the Convert function when I first looked at it. You (and Florian and Mp3tag) have saved me hours!

I have attached another screenshot of the convert - tag - filename as I used it. This created the folder and contents I wanted. Therefore I did not need to use the named folder set I had created in step 3 above (using an excel macro).



So that you will not stay uninformed for the rest of your life. :wink:

Aaaah! Thank you!