how to change ???? back to chinese word?

i'm trying to change UTF 16 to UTF 8 since other forum said this might make my phone to read the chinese word instead of all those symbol. After changing it, it gone worst. I can't even read those chinese song's tag(title,artist) in my computer. I tried changing it to ISO8859-1 and after that most of the song's tag changed back to chinese word and some of it change to ????. I tried change it again to UTF16 and back to ISO8859-1 again however, this time gone worst. Almost every chinese song's tag gone ????. Can someone please help me and tell me how can i change back those 800+ chinese song's tag to chinese? Thanks alot.

ISO-8859-1 does not support any Chinese characters. Saving your tags in this format was a big mistake.

I think you can only try one thing:
Go to the tag options and disable the reading of ID3v2 tags and then refresh the file view.
Maybe the correct tags are still in the ID3v1 tag.