how to change en masse tagged album art to one image file?

all of my lossless music is in one large folder, and currently I have album art tagged to every track in the album. I know how to put the audio files into sub directories for each album, but when I move the cover art to a file, i get a file from each track in the album. how do I get only one copy of the album art?

and to make some of this even more difficult, some albums have multiple covers, so 2 covers on each track in an album. some individual tracks in an album might also have cover art from it's single release as well.

if you can only help with any individual part of this problem, it would still be a big help, thanks.

If you tick the option "Export duplicates" in the action to export covers, then you should end up with only one picture file.
If you specify a filename for the cover files that also includes the cover_type then you would get one picture file for each different picture, e.g. %album%_%cover_type%.jpg


Thank you. :wink: