How to change folder icons of music file using mp3tag


I'm new here and I'm having this annoying problem, I would appriciate if you could please bare with me-

So I just upgraded my PC from windows 7 to 10, I'm late I know. I edit a lot of music, and with windows 7 I used to change the icons of folders in windows explorer using mp3tag. I had this scenario where I would have multiple music files in a folder, I would save a tag of one song, start playing it on windows media player, skipped to almost the end. Then when the song finished I would press the back button from viewing the folder with files to the pre folder screen (folder destination). Then the icon of the folder changed to the artwork of the song I played. However this doesn't happen to me with windows 10.

My expected result is:

My problem is when a folder has multiple files (regardless of the same artwork or not):

I understand it's not the main functionality of mp3tag but if someone knows something, please help me, I looked on google and saving a picture in folder and calling it "folder" in order to make it happen, isn't what I'm looking for. thanks!

The behaviour of the Windows Explorer is no functionality of MP3tag.
WIndows still relies on the folder.jpg mechanism.
Or you create a file of the type desktop.ini where you can define a path to an icon.

Can you please elaborate on the windows ini path. How to create it, set it up and use it? I’m not very tech heavy.

This is a question about windows functions.
Please consult one of the corresponding forums.

The windows-explorer takes this media-specific folder-icon directly from the covers that are embedded in the files. So if there is more that 1 file it shows an icon- catalog. You can avoid that with a file called folder.jpg in your folders. If this file is present the explorer will show only 1 icon according to this file.

Windows itself with it's media-player created folder.jpgs too but they are hidden and system. So as long as you do not activate to also see hidden and system-files in the explorer-options you won't see them as files. So in the past you used folder.jpgs too. For me and others this functionality of WMP was always an annoyance and therefore I avoided to use the WMP:

If you have embedded covers in your media-files MP3Tag can help you to create these folder.jpg-files in one-go.

  1. I understand that you have separate folders for each album and your files have identic covers embedded per folder. So load all your files in MP3Tag and mark them. (CTRL-a)

  2. Define an action of the type "Export cover to file". You can do this with Actions->Actions (Quick) or if you want to preserve your action for future use with Actions->Actions
    As filename you write folder. Don't mark "export duplicate covers".

The feature "desktop-ini" ist not very practicable to use for your purpose and wasn't made for media-folders by Microsoft.

Thank you SO much for explaining and the solutions. I'll use mp3tag to export cover to file as you suggested!

Hi, may I ask you another thing? So I exported all the songs I wanted their artworks as the icons of folders, and later some folders appeared with smaller image surrounded by blank white frame, is this file explorer's look for windows 10?


In case you know.. also is there a way to prevent it because after that happened the jpg folder image I exported disappeared, and I had to move everything to a new folder in order to create it, since the file was replaced by something else... I don't know why it changed.

I had to test it here, because my explorer-look is always "Details". So I am not used to see individual-icon-folders at all.
The smaller view seems to be typical if the folder.jpg-files are very small.
The standard size for windows-created folder.jpgs is 200x200 and the attribute is hidden.

To see hidden files you have to enable this in the explorer.

Have you used the WMP before this replacement happened?

Wow thank you for finding these. Yeah I used both WMP and iTunes. I actually have edited the registry for WMP so it wouldn't retrieve metadata, it's a shame to find another annoying feature in it. I'll test it and see, thank you again for your kind help!