How to change ID3 ReplayGain tags to APE?


Is there a simple way for me to batch / mass convert my ID3 ReplayGain tags to APE ReplayGain tags? Just the ReplyGain tags. I'd like to leave everything else as is because my portable cannot read APE tags. This would help me to use MP3Gain as it currently doesn't read foobar calculated and written ID3 ReplayGain tags, although it does read foobar written APE ReplayGain tags...

The fields { tags? } which need to be moved from ID3 to APE are :


Thanks in advance,
Tim Ferguson

Keep up the excellent work!


Hello Tim!

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You can copy the (whole) existing ID3v2 tags to APEv2 by selecting all files, setting all fields on the tag panel to < keep > and press [Ctrl+S].

This will save all fields from your ID3v2 tags as APEv2 tags if you've enabled the writing of APEv2 tags at Options, Tags, Mpeg and will leave your ID3v2 tags intact.

Hope that helps!
~ Florian


Excellent, thank you!

That was pretty simple and appears to do the job perfectly! The tags are still visible in foobar, and MP3Gain can now see my ReplayGain tags - no cumbersome recalculations necessary. Much appreciate!